Chocolate peanut butter bars (no-bake). They look pretty good but taste too sweet! 😖

No Botanic Gardens photo this morning. #rainyweekend #elliptical #GoT

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Thank you.

I won’t know the outcome for a couple of months but I did really well! :-)

I can haz good thoughts?

Hey everyone. I have my performance review in a couple of hours. And I’m hoping it’ll land me a promotion or at least a significant raise. So please if you could send me good thoughts, good juju and all other good stuff, I’d really appreciate it.

Love you guys.

Decadence. (at PS.Cafe)

Spring-esque. #sgblooms #nparksbuzz

In the shade, in the shade… I know you’re a cannonball tree. (at Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Good morning. (at Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Photo booth fun at work!