Top Five Reasons Why I, Lisa Rahmat, Get Rejected

5. I’m fat.
4. I’m ugly.
3. I’m boring.
2. I’m Mozlem.
1. It’s a conspiracy. The international intelligence agencies work together to prevent any eligible guy anywhere in the world from showing their interest in me.


  1. felistella said: Answer key: nope, nope, certainly not, pfft no, and hmmm maybe.
  2. lnthefade said: refuse to heart.
  3. girl-detective said: 6. Some people just can’t handle you’re awesomeness.
  4. steelopus said: 5-2: nope. 1: maybe.
  5. elizabite said: This makes me sad. I love you.
  6. thetroothandnothingbutthetruth said: not true but ugh
  7. beegoould said: I think you’re beautiful.
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